International Expert Club for scientific

and cultural Exchange in Orthopedics



International Expert Club for scientific

and cultural Exchange in Orthopedics



On September 11th 2015 the AGORA Foundation – international expert club for cultural and scientific exchange- was founded. This foundation has no pecuniary motives and pursues charitable goals only.


Based on its charitable goals and in the sense of social solidarity, the AGORA Foundation declares its conformance with the universal values of mankind without preferences to gender, race, religion and origin.



The AGORA Foundation is an international expert club of orthopaedic surgeons, scientists and industry partners that is meeting regulary for the purpose of scientific and cultural exchange. When founded the following specific goals were stated:


1. Cultural exchange in orthopedics and traumatology by meeting annually on the AGORA Convention


2. Scientific exchange by organizing scientific sessions and poster rounds on the AGORA convention


3. Scientific research by the implementation of multi-centered clinical trials and studies within the AGORA network


4. Cutting edge innovation by shaping strong and efficient interactions between the health care providers and the industry


5. Providing the opportunity for young fellows to rotate into other centers


6. Award the AGORA Price for outstanding accomplishments in the field of humanitarian health care provision or orthopedic/ traumatologic research



The AGORA Foundation is the successive institution of the ASSITOT-DIVOT society (Italian- German association for the cultural exchange in orthopedics and traumatology) that was founded in 2008.

With respect to a broader internal spectrum of its members this society decided to open its statutes and to become a Foundation. The inaugural meeting took place on


September 19th - 20th 2008
in Rome (Italy)

September 18th - 19th 2009
in Cologne (Germany)

June 11th - 12th 2010
in Rome (Italy)

September 19th - 20th 2011
in Cologne (Germany)

May 18th - 19th 2012
in Rome (Italy)

September 11th 2015
in Rome (Italy)




eysel peer 0825 ukkoeln


dargel jens dr

Prof. Dr. med. habil.
Wolfram Thomas

Founding President


Prof. Dr. med. habil.
Peer Eysel

Founding President


Prof. Dr. med.
Jens Dargel

Director of Internal Project Coordination




csm Dr. Koesters 2 web 01 948b987bf8



Dr. med.
Tom Sascha Thomas

Chairman Italy


Dr. med.
Clemens Koesters

Chairman Germany


Dr. med. Sebastian Walter

Director of Strategy
and External Communication


holger wolf 




Resident at the department for orthopedics at the University of Cologne

Holger Wolf

Director of Finances


Prof. Dr. med. habil.
Daniel Kendorff

Director of Scientific and Cultural Exchange


Dr. med.
Ayla Yagdiram

General Secretary

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Research projects

1. Toxicity of heavy metals and environmental pollutants, their impact on cartilage quality and development of osteoarthritis

2. Cartilage- a bankable tissue?



To support our work and activities donations are always welcome and can be set off against tax liability.


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